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Capture Attention.
Convey Ideas.
Clarify Complexity.

ChartExpo offers an ever-growing library of new custom charts to supercharge your Excel.

Create advanced Excel charts in just 3 clicks and save yourself time and money.

It’s that simple. There’s no coding, scripting or complicated steps — just click and create.

Free Trial

Free 7-day trial (no purchase necessary). Pricing starts at $10 per month.


Following versions of Excel are supported by ChartExpo

Excel 2013 Excel 2013 SP1 or later on Windows
Excel 2016 Excel 2016 or later on Mac
Excel 365 Excel 365 on Windows & Mac

The ChartExpo Excel add-in simplifies data visualization and offers a wide range of custom Excel charts for you to use.

Finally, charting is fun and accessible to everyone.

With an ever-growing library of advanced Excel charts, there is an option for all your charting needs.

No matter what Excel chart types you need, ChartExpo has it.

If we don’t have what you need, we’ll create it for you! It takes just three clicks to start making graphs in Excel with ChartExpo.

There’s no coding, scripts or complicated settings to navigate.

It’s an easy-to-use charting tool that anyone can benefit from.

Start finding meaning behind your numbers.

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Build Advanced Excel Charts Simply

As the data grows, the need for advanced Excel charts rises. Traditional graphs in Excel don’t always offer the depth of visualization that you need for more sophisticated data sets.

With ChartExpo’s Excel add-in, the doors open up to a library of advanced Excel charts that are exceptionally easy to use.

Choose from new Excel chart types, like Sankey, Pareto, Likert, dayparting, polar, comparison, survey charts and so many more.

Excel is a familiar and intuitive tool used by millions, but it does have some deficiencies, especially when it comes to charting and visual data storytelling.

When the need arises for advanced Excel charts to accurately convey your ideas and results, these shortcomings of Excel will get in your way and slow down your visual analysis.

ChartExpo doesn’t just offer new advanced Excel charts to capture your data visually. The real value is the simple ways that this charting tool transforms even the most complex spreadsheet into a refined, digestible visualization.

Simplify Your Analysis

Your data is already complex enough. Visualizations need to improve your understanding of your spreadsheets, not to detract from it.

ChartExpo’s advanced charting options can demystify convoluted spreadsheets by simplifying the information through visuals.

An advanced chart shouldn’t be overwhelming or difficult to understand. The most effective visual analysis occurs when you take complicated information and depict it in the simplest format.

Simple is not basic and rudimentary. When you solve a complex problem with a simple solution, simple becomes revolutionary. This is the case when you tell the entire story of a spreadsheet with a single chart.

Thus, the most effective data stories are the ones that present the information in the simplest and most direct manner. This allows the audience to arrive at the correct conclusions instantaneously.

Start simplifying your visual analysis today.

Fast Discovery Creates Swift Action

The instant insights you receive from ChartExpo’s advanced Excel visualizations save you both time and money. After all, the faster you can reach the right data conclusions, the better the value.

ChartExpo’s easy-to-use, advanced charts for Excel make experiencing those monumental “Aha!” moments a regular occurrence.

An “Aha!” moment is when you finally “see” your data and reach the conclusions you’ve been trying to find in your spreadsheets.

With the right Excel charts, these sudden bursts of inspiration rise to the surface. You don’t have to exert tons of effort to uncover insights. They are right in front of your eyes the moment you visualize them!

Fast discovery leads to swift action. The faster you act on data, the more weight those actions carry. This is because your data may have a short shelf-life. So, you don’t want to waste too much time analyzing the information and choosing how to react.

Instead, you want to quickly discover the most important details hidden in your data and respond as promptly as possible.

Mitigate Risks, Capitalize on Opportunities

Trends, shifts, outliers and other patterns in your data are either positive or negative. Negative changes present potential risks, while positive ones represent emerging opportunities for you to seize.

This is why it’s imperative that you use advanced Excel charts to respond swiftly to your data and insights.

Think of a risk change as a leaky pipe. The longer you let the leak exist without fixing it, the more damage it causes. Water damage eats at surrounding wood and other materials, creates mold, etc. However, if you detect the problem as soon as it starts, you can fix it with no damage.

Time is also an important element to positive data trends and shifts. When you identify this type of change in your custom Excel charts, you want to be one of the first to act.

Many of these trends are like fads; they come and they go. You want to get in on the ground floor and be the first to capitalize. Otherwise, you’ll be rushing to catch up with the trend, instead of already riding the wave.

Speed is especially critical in businesses. You may be interacting with lots of the same data as your competitors. You gain a significant edge over these other entities if you can leverage the insights hidden within this sea of data faster than your competitors,

By empowering your spreadsheets with ChartExpo’s excel add-in for data analysis; you can stop leaks and capitalize on top trends faster and more efficiently.

That's a competitive advantage you don’t want to miss!

More Charting Options, More Advantage

The competitive advantage you receive from acting on insights faster is key to any data user’s success. Another element of a winning visual analysis strategy is having a deep bench of charting options available to use.

ChartExpo’s interface makes it quick and easy to perform visual analysis from multiple angles. Each custom Excel chart type you use will showcase your data in a new light and reveal fresh insights that are both valuable and actionable.

Since ChartExpo allows you to visualize your data with new advanced Excel charts in as few as 3 clicks, it’s incredibly easy to cycle through multiple chart types and find the best ways to convey your findings and insights.

Every time you view your data with a new visualization, your understanding expands and you gain further details that flush out your data story.

Including multiple visualizations in your reports empowers your visual data storytelling by showcasing the information from several angles.

Plus, ChartExpo graphs in Excel are interactive, making it easier for you and audiences to engage with your data and uncover new insights.

More Excel chart types mean more value.

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Custom Excel Charts for any Data and any User

Your data needs are unique, meaning you want to go beyond traditional Excel chart types. Thanks to ChartExpo’s custom Excel charts, you can customize any element of your graphs. Each change is simple to make and helps you deliver completely customized charts.

Custom charts help you communicate data findings to audiences, leading to more effective collaboration that helps you uncover even more exciting trends, patterns and insights.

Start making your own graphs in Excel that will wow your audiences.

Every Excel user is different and so is their data. Custom Excel charts help you match the right visualization to your data sets, while also personalizing your charts in ways you see fit.

Through ChartExpo’s simple visualization tool, you can customize any element in your charts, even down to the colors, fonts, axes and more.

These customization options ensure that you always present your data in the best ways possible, thereby empowering your visual data storytelling

Chart Type

To reiterate, data is unique and capturing its value and insights requires you to match your numbers with the proper graphs in Excel.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible with the stock Excel charting options. The traditional visualizations available with the Excel software handcuff you into using only a handful of basic charts.

The ChartExpo tool vastly improves these lackluster charting options by providing you with a library of advanced Excel chart types for you to customize your visualizations and strengthen your data storytelling.

With so many Excel chart types to choose from, there’s an option for all of your data objectives. If you need to portray the results of a survey, use the CSAT Score Survey Chart or Likert Chart options. Alternatively, if you want to depict different stages in a complex process, the Sankey Diagram is an excellent choice.

You can even leverage the word cloud or text relationship charts to express new keyword opportunities. No matter your reasoning for using Excel, ChartExpo has you covered with its ever-growing selection of visualizations.

If you can’t find the right graphs in Excel with ChartExpo, we’ll build it for you. The engineers behind ChartExpo are always listening to our users and finding new ways to deliver the best custom Excel charts.

ChartExpo’s user-friendly design makes it easy to find the best visualization for your data needs. Excel chart type categories help you find the right graph for every project.

Once you find the right category, it’s a simple matter of selecting each Excel chart type until you find the one that best suits your data and objectives.


Every good story needs a great title; visual data stories are no exception. A proper chart title showcases what information is portrayed and establishes the audience’s expectations as to what conclusions they may draw from the graph.

Thus, your chart title has a direct purpose and definite value. It’s not an area of advanced Excel charting that you want to overlook.

The best chart titles manage to entirely explain what’s being shown in the chart using the fewest words. Concise titles are the most effective because they are easier to understand, look more professional and save time. The fewer words you use, the less chance of confusing your audiences!

Unfortunately, making short titles isn’t always easy, especially when using multiple variables to accurately describe your chart.

You may find yourself making minor changes to your title repeatedly to find the perfect one. Luckily, ChartExpo makes it easy to create new titles or update existing ones.

In fact, you can edit any component of your chart in a few simple steps. Customizing or updating your charts is never a hassle!

Colors, Fonts and More

Your chart title explains what data you’re depicting. It’s an essential part of compelling visual data storytelling. Smaller components, like the colors, fonts and other details you choose, also matter.

Not only do these elements make your graphs in Excel more engaging, but they can also help you convey your results more effectively.

For instance, color is a valuable tool to keep different data categories separated, like in a stacked bar chart.

You can even use colors to depict what’s actually being shown. If you’re visualizing weather data, blue can represent cooler temperatures, while red depicts warmer ones.

On the other hand, fonts need to be legible and professional. You also don’t want to choose a font that distracts from the chart itself. Many businesses elect to use fonts that match their branding and other correspondences.

Keep your audience in mind whenever you choose fonts, colors or other small details. You want to try and view your data as an unbiased party and answer critical questions, such as, “Do the colors/fonts add to the visual analysis or take away from it?”

Similar to editing your title, ChartExpo also makes it fast and simple to edit your visualization’s fonts, colors and other minor (yet still important) components.


Chart axes represent your variables and allow you to compare distinctly different items or categories from your spreadsheet.

A typical chart will have two axes, enabling you to chart two items in your spreadsheet, a metric and a dimension.

That said, you may run into times when you need advanced Excel charts with more axes to depict your data accurately. As you add axes, you can compare and contrast more items in one chart.

ChartExpo has several multi-axis Excel chart types to choose from, making it exceptionally easy to add or remove variables and axes.

These advanced Excel charts can even compare data with vastly different ranges, allowing you to compare data values that are extremely different from one another. This would be difficult to achieve with traditional Excel charts.

ChartExpo also includes Excel chart types with unique axes. For example, the radar chart features a circular axis perfect for tracking changes over time

Be careful of adding too many axes and variables. This will overload your Excel charts and make it challenging to extract insight and act on the information shown.

Deliver a Complete Presentation

The impact of all of these small components to your visual data storytelling may seem small. However, getting each of these elements correct vastly improves your ability to convey visual data and engage audiences.

ChartExpo makes it effortless to edit every component of your custom Excel charts. This makes it easy to make even small changes without starting over or waiting for a new chart to load each time.

It also means that finding the correct mix of chart type, title, colors, fonts and more is much easier. You can keep making adjustments until you find the right combination!

These complete, custom Excel charts will empower your reports and help you deliver outstanding presentations with beautiful, engaging charts. Audiences won’t want to put your data down.

An outstanding data presentation does a lot for your internal communication. Plus, it helps build organizational trust and understanding of what the data shows and how to use it.

Once you create your first custom Excel charts with ChartExpo, you’ll see the impact it has on your presentations.

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The Easiest Way to Make Graphs in Excel

You spend enough time collecting data, creating spreadsheets and organizing your columns and rows to extract insights.

Creating advanced Excel charts is the best way to discover and communicate these insights. Don’t let it become another time-consuming step in the process.

With ChartExpo’s intuitive, easy-to-use Excel add-in for data analysis, you can make beautiful, insightful graphs in Excel in just 3 clicks.

The time you save through effortless advanced Excel chart creation is time you can spend on other projects and deeper data analysis.

Building advanced charts within the Excel interface comes with several obstacles. It’s common to find yourself cycling through multiple tabs and spreadsheets just to create one visualization.

Not only does this slow down your visual analysis and keep you from those all-important insights, but it also heightens the risk for errors to occur.

ChartExpo allows you to overcome these obstacles. The most significant weaknesses of Excel charting become your best sources of strength thanks to the easy-to-use charting interface.

Universal Charting

There shouldn’t be a skill gap to creating outstanding visualizations. Yet, producing advanced Excel charts without ChartExpo’s easy-to-use system requires a deep understanding of how the spreadsheet tool works.

This can make it challenging for novice Excel users to create effective, advanced charts in Excel. There are so many settings, shortcuts, inputs and other components that you have to learn to make charts and graphs in Excel.

ChartExpo eliminates this hassle with a highly intuitive charting interface. This means anyone can conduct deep visual analysis, no matter how complex the data is.

All it takes is three clicks. First, select which part(s) of your spreadsheet you want to chart. Second, click the chart type you want to use. Finally, you tap the “Create Chart” button.

That’s all it takes. There are no fancy scripts, complex coding or extensive options and settings to navigate.

Making edits to your custom Excel charts is also easy with ChartExpo. And, every adjustment to your chart updates the visualization instantly, so you can immediately see the difference in every change you make.

This feature also enables you to cycle through ChartExpo’s massive, growing library of chart and graph types. You can see how your data looks across these various visualization options and discover the best ways to present the information.

You shouldn’t have to be an Excel wizard to transform your spreadsheets into engaging data stories. With ChartExpo, you don’t have to be.

Code-Free Environment Means no Stress

ChartExpo’s codeless environment does a lot to even the gap between advanced Excel users and novice ones. Even if you’re already a master at Excel, there’s still significant value to gain from a codeless, script-free tool.

It’s critical to keep in mind that this is an Excel add-in for data analysis. It doesn’t aim to replace Excel or your spreadsheets.

The goal of ChartExpo is to supercharge your visual data storytelling through Excel by providing a library of easy-to-use charts for fast, but detailed, analysis.

By removing the coding requirement, ChartExpo eliminates potential obstacles and makes charting and data storytelling more accessible than ever.

Remember, you might interact with your data and create Excel charts often, but other parties don’t have the same level of familiarity. ChartExpo’s easy-to-use interface means that anyone on your team can interact, alter and share charts, or create ones of their own.

The more parties involved in visual analysis, the more potential insight your organization can gain.

Remove the tiresome coding and make charting an accessible, engaging activity.

Faster Charting Saves Time and Money

Your time is valuable, no matter what types of data you’re dealing with or what your objectives and goals are.

Chances are, you’re juggling multiple projects and responsibilities at the same time. When charting and visual analysis takes too long, it eats away time from these other tasks and adds unnecessary stress and pressure to your daily to-do list.

The 3-click process means you can make sophisticated visualizations in just minutes. This leaves you with more time to focus on the visual analysis itself to capture even greater insights.

There’s no more fussing across multiple spreadsheets and tabs in the pursuit of making a simple chart. ChartExpo simplifies the arduous process to save you all the headaches from traditional Excel charting.

The other significant source of wasted time in Excel charting is how long it can take for the application to load and display your chart. An advanced Excel chart can take up to 15 minutes to process and appear.

When you make adjustments to your spreadsheet or chart, you may end up waiting even longer for your visualization to update.

Meanwhile, creating or editing Excel charts with ChartExpo happens instantly. There’s no disruption to your visual analysis! As soon as you click Create Chart, your visualization appears. There’s no waiting!

By saving time with smoother, more efficient charting, you also save money. That’s something that every Excel user can get behind.

Optimize Your Workload

Thanks to ChartExpo saving you substantial time in the visualization process, you can greatly optimize your workload and finish more high-priority tasks and projects in less time.

The speed at which you can glean insights and discover new trends, shifts and other patterns with ChartExpo enables you to analyze more of your total data.

When you’re working with massive spreadsheets and mountains of data, trying to analyze all of it feels like an impossible task.

By alleviating the time pressures of some of the more tedious steps in the analysis process, such as charting, you have more time to explore other areas of your data.

Applying the proper chart to your data allows you to physically see how data points relate to one another. Noteworthy patterns and other events rise to the surface.

It’s these now-visible insights that expand your actionable intelligence and provide you with a deeper understanding of the data. ChartExpo’s data visualization software puts insights in clear view.

The faster you detect and analyze insights, the sooner you can react appropriately. In a business setting, this can mean gaining a significant competitive edge through continuous improvements to your key metrics.

Start optimizing your visual analysis with ChartExpo and see the benefits for yourself.

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Explore New Excel Chart Types

With ChartExpo’s extensive library of Excel chart types, you have all new graphs and visualizations to explore.

These advanced Excel charts give you fresh angles to view your data. Each new perspective offers the chance to see new, previously undiscovered insights. You’ll see the unseen and gain actionable intelligence that others don’t have access to with their existing Excel chart types.

Begin exploring and communicating your data in new ways today.

ChartExpo opens the door to many new Excel chart types ready to solve your most complicated data sets.

Within the standard Excel program, you only have a handful of chart types to choose from. This limits how much freedom you have when designing custom Excel charts.

Even with advanced tools and techniques, it would be impossible to create some of the advanced Excel charts included with ChartExpo.

Excel Chart Types to Choose From

ChartExpo has no shortage of Excel chart types, giving you more freedom and capability in the visual analysis stage.

Many of the options included in the ChartExpo library have very specialized purposes. If you have very niche data needs, explore the advanced Excel charts included with ChartExpo. You may just find the perfect visualization!

Here’s a complete rundown of the Excel chart types available with ChartExpo:

Sankey Chart Likert Scale Chart Pareto Bar Chart Pareto Column Chart CSAT Score Survey Chart
Radar Chart Comparison Bar Chart Gauge Chart Chord Diagram Sunburst Chart
Funnel Chart World Map Chart Column Chart Grouped Bar Chart Grouped Column Chart
Sentiment Trend Chart Tree Map Sentiment Chart Sentiment Matrix Chart SM Comparison Chart Sentiment Sparkline Chart
Comparison Sentiment Chart Double Bar Graph CSAT Score Chart (NPS Chart) Customer Satisfaction Chart Credit Score Chart
Rating Chart Area Chart Stacked Area Chart Bar Chart Stacked Bar Chart
Stacked Column Chart Line Chart Multi Series Line Chart Crosstab Chart Pie Chart
Donut Chart Tree Map USA Map Chart Word Cloud Chart Partition Chart
Area Line Chart Sequence Chart Sparkline Chart Co-occurrence Chart Tornado Chart
Dual Axis Grouped Bar Chart Dual Axis Grouped Column Chart Multi Series Sparkline Chart Slope Chart Dual Axis Radar Chart
Matrix Chart 24 Hour Chart Bid Chart Tag Cloud Chart Progress Chart
Performance Bar Chart Dual Axis Line Chart Double Axis Line and Bar Chart Multi Axis Line Chart Radial Chart
Quality Score Chart Scatter Plot Text Relationship Chart Components Trend Chart Control Chart
Context Diagram Dot Plot Grouped Dot Plot Box and Whisker Column Chart Box and Whisker Bar Chart
Overlapping Bar Chart Dot Plot (ORA)

Since the ChartExpo library is constantly growing, this list is always changing and increasing. Moreover, many of these Excel chart types have multiple variations, meaning this list is longer than it appears!

With so many Excel chart types to choose from, there is sure to be a specialized visualization for your various visual analysis projects, whether you’re looking at financial data, marketing metrics or any other information.

An Ever-Growing Library

Using a library of advanced Excel charts means you should find specialty visualizations for all of your needs, but what happens if you still can’t find what you’re looking for?

ChartExpo’s goal is to continue to deliver innovative visualizations that handle the current data needs of our users. Since data is always growing and evolving, our visualizations need to do the same!

If you have very specific or niche charting needs that aren’t covered by our list, we urge you to get in contact with us!

Depending on the situation, we may be able to work with you to create a visualization that solves your data challenges.

By solving our users’ needs and staying up-to-date on the latest data challenges facing the world, ChartExpo’s library of visualization options continues to grow and grow.

Change Chart Types to Discover New Insights

When you combine the expansive lexicon of charting options with the instant visualization power of ChartExpo, you have a tool capable of steadily generating insights.

These discoveries will improve your understanding of complex data and fuel better decisions regarding what to do with the latest figures.

Every new chart you use to visualize your data provides a new perspective and the opportunity to capture previously-unseen insights. The easy-to-use ChartExpo system allows you to simultaneously view your data from multiple angles.

You don't have to wait for your chart to load each time you select a new type! This massive time-saver allows you to get more out of your data and your Excel charting options.

You can view the same data using multiple charts simultaneously, giving you the best view of your data and potential insights.

While most Excel users are drowning in data and starving for insight, you’ll be swiftly creating visualizations that yield deeper intelligence.

That’s the advantage of using ChartExpo!

Prevent Analysis Fatigue

When you only have traditional Excel charts to work with, you may not always have the perfect visualization to depict your data.

This puts you at a disadvantage for two reasons. First, it limits your ability to connect your data to the best chart, which means you may miss valuable insights.

The second problem is efficiency. Trying to fit your data into a chart that doesn’t exactly capture the information correctly is like trying to fit a round peg through a square hole. It’s going to take more time and energy to make it fit.

This tedium makes you very susceptible to analysis fatigue. Analysis fatigue manifests when you exert so much time and energy on a single analysis that it creates a paralyzing effect.

It’s essentially the result of having too much data that it becomes overwhelming, especially when you’re working with clunky, time-consuming charts. You put in an abundance of effort and receive very little value or intelligence in return.

ChartExpo’s hassle-free charting environment remedies analysis fatigue by speeding up and improving the visualization process. With more Excel chart types, you can go from raw data to insight in far fewer steps.

This saves time and headaches to ensure you’re always on top of your data, instead of struggling to catch up to it!

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Simple Excel Add-ins For Data Analysis

There are many Excel add-ins for data analysis available to users. However, not all of these tools are valuable.

ChartExpo provides value in three fundamental ways:

  1. ChartExpo’s Excel add-in increases the number of available Excel chart types ten-fold.
  2. You can create advanced Excel charts with a simple 3 clicks.
  3. Every advanced Excel chart is entirely customizable, opening the door to limitless opportunities.

As an Excel add-in, it integrates into your existing spreadsheet platform. There’s no complicated software to navigate, just simple custom Excel charts ready to use.

Not Another New Tool to Learn

There are plenty of third-party tools and software available to data users. Yet, all of these solutions have one problem in common: familiarity.

See, we like tools that we’re used to. We also despise change. So, when adding a new solution to the arsenal, you want to ensure it meshes with your existing tools and strategies.

That’s why ChartExpo is an Excel add-in for data analysis, instead of a stand-alone tool. It integrates directly into the Excel environment, meaning you don’t have to master an entirely new piece of software.

Once you’ve downloaded the tool, you simply click “My Apps” from the top Excel menu bar and select ChartExpo.

Then, you’re just three clicks away from a beautiful visualization. Your first click selects the relevant data, the second chooses the chart type and the third finalizes and creates the chart.

The ChartExpo tool opens right in the Excel interface, so you don’t even have to switch tabs or copy-paste and details from one to the next.

This is just another way that ChartExpo simplifies the visual analysis process and allows you to be more efficient in your visual data storytelling.

Integrates Easily Into Excel

The process to integrate ChartExpo into the Excel interface is exceptionally easy.

Once you’ve created your account and downloaded the ChartExpo Excel add-in for data analysis, you should see it appear under the “My Apps” menu. If you can’t find this option, look under the “Insert” tab at the very top of your page.

excel addin sample screen

After you open the ChartExpo tool, it’s a simple three-step process to begin creating new graphs in Excel.

  1. Select the data from your spreadsheet that you want to include as each axis variable. Depending on your chart type, you may have to enter multiple data columns representing these different metrics or dimensions.
  2. With your data selected, you now want to choose your chart type. ChartExpo divides visualizations into different categories to help you find suitable options for the job. Don’t forget, you can test how your data looks using multiple Excel chart types.
  3. After finding the perfect chart, all that’s left to do is hit the “Create Chart” button. The graph will appear alongside your spreadsheet data, allowing you to easily refer back to your data table as you conduct your visual analysis.

If you want to make any changes to your chart, like editing the title, colors or other small details, you can select individual components to modify.

Code-Free Charting

To make the learning curve for ChartExpo even easier, this Excel add-in for data analysis is designed to be entirely codeless. There are no scripts or languages to learn, just an intuitive interface.

The codeless Excel add-in holds many advantages. When you don’t have to worry about coding each chart, you can create visualizations much more efficiently.

Zero coding or scripting also means more people can engage in the visual analysis process.

While you may be familiar with all of the hidden features of Excel, not everyone in your organization has the same level of proficiency. ChartExpo closes the skill gap in creating advanced Excel charts and allows more parties to get involved in the visualization process.

This enhances your team’s visual analysis efforts by introducing more individuals to the world of charting. More people mean more hands on deck for discovering insights and tapping into your data intelligence.

You shouldn’t have to be an Excel pro to make advanced charts and graphs. With ChartExpo, anyone can start designing custom Excel charts today!

Experienced Excel users may argue that, without scripts and codes, they don’t have the freedom to make their own custom charts.

However, with ChartExpo’s colossal library of visualizations, you don’t need to make your own charts. Every Excel chart type you could want is already included!

Get More Value from Excel

ChartExpo for Excel costs $10 a month per user. You may be wondering why pay for an Excel add-in when Excel itself is free?

To answer this question, let’s recap how ChartExpo adds value to Excel users and visual data storytellers.

  • ChartExpo saves you time in the chart creation process. When you save time, you also save money!
  • Faster charting also allows you to promptly detect and resolve any risks or opportunities hidden in your data.
  • With new Excel chart types, you’ll always have the perfect visualization for your data, regardless of the subject or complexity.
  • More charting options increase the number of angles to view your data from, enabling you to discover deeper insights.
  • The easy-to-use charting system makes visual analysis more accessible. You can start encouraging your entire team to create custom Excel charts!
  • This intuitive Excel add-in for data analysis will also reduce stress and headaches caused by traditional charting.
  • The advanced Excel charts will empower your reports and help you convey complex data to other audiences.

The list of valuable advantages provided by ChartExpo goes on and on. The bottom line is ChartExpo adds tremendous worth to your visual analysis that quickly makes up for this $10 per month cost.

You’ll be extracting so much more insight and value from your data; you won’t even notice this small monthly expense!

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