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With 50+ customized visualizations, the ChartExpo™ for Google Sheets add-on turns your complex, raw spreadsheets into compelling, easy to digest, visual renderings that tell the story of your data.

Overwhelmed With Data, Starving For Insight:

Data is useless without insights. Your problem is not that you lack data. Your problem is that there is not enough time and resources to analyze your data for insights. Spreadsheets are helpful for collecting and organizing information, but fail to bridge the gap between your data and the insights you seek. You need to visualize your data.

Simply Powerful:

ChartExpo™ library of visualizations makes it simple to gain insights from your boring spreadsheets. Simple is not basic. Simple is powerful. When you solve a complex problem with a simple solution, the result is monumental. It is the “Aha!’ moment that seems so simple, yet produces such profound change.

Accessible Insights:

Manually analyzing data requires coding and endless clicking through spreadsheets. ChartExpo™ is effortless. You can create visualizations in three clicks. Insights that have always felt out of reach are now right at your fingertips.

Learn The Language Of Data:

Your data holds insights that are hidden behind the walls of spreadsheet numbers. Visualizations translate the language of numbers into charts that spark innovation. Visualizations enable fast comprehension because your eyes are better at absorbing visual information. Visualizing your data saves you valuable time.

Make Competitive Decisions:

Discover insights at a glance and accelerate your decision making and problem solving with visualizations. Become your competitors’ biggest threat with faster, smarter decisions, while they waste time and energy with manual analysis.

Find The Unexpected:

When you cut through the noise of chaotic data sets, you uncover new trends, relationships and patterns. Visualizations show you what you never expected to find. Start connecting the dots you didn’t even know existed and find deeper answers in your data.

ChartExpo™ for Google Sheets has a number of visualization categories that make it easier to find the right chart for analysis:

  • Sankey

  • General

  • Sentiment

  • Comparative

  • Survey

  • Pay-per-click (PPC)

ChartExpo™ is free for the first 7 days. After this no-risk trial, the service costs $10 per user per month. You can sign up from the add-on.

Simplify your spreadsheets with ChartExpo™ visualizations and see what you’ve been missing.

Picture a Thousand Numbers.
See the Big Picture.

Getting Started

    o  Open the google sheet and click on ‘Add-ons’ menu and you will see ‘ChartExpo™’ option.
    o  Click on ‘ChartExpo™’ and then click on ‘Open’.

‘ChartExpo™ for GoogleSheet’ add-on will be loaded in sidebar.


Click on ‘Create New Chart’ button.

    o  Chart list will be loaded under their respective category.
    o  User can select chart from chart list.

Create Chart Demo

    o  After chart selection ‘Sheet Data’ button will be selected by default.
    o  User can click on ‘Sample Data’ button to view chart with sample data.
    o  After clicking ‘Sample Data’ button columns and metrics will be loaded by default.
    o  Now click on ‘Create Chart’ button.

Explore Sample Data

    o  Click on ‘Explore Sample Data’ link button to view sample data.

Select Sheet

    o  User can draw chart from sheet data.
    o  Click on ‘Sheet Data’ button.
    o  Select ‘Sheet Name’ from dropdown list.
    o  Select ‘Header Row’ . This will be sheet row number which will be dimensions and metrics of your data.
    o  Chart data will start after the header row.

Select Level/Metric and Row Range

    o  Click on ‘Add New Level +’ to add levels/dimensions.
    o  Click on ‘Add New Metric +’ to add measure.
    o  Click on ‘Row Range Slider’ to select start row number and end row number.
    o  Selected rows will be highlighted in sheet.
    o  Click on ‘Create Chart’.

Below each chart, we have shown toolbar to perform following tasks

  • Add to My Chart
  • Change Window Size
  • Insert Chart Image into Sheet
  • Chart Custom Style
  • Edit Chart
  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Insert Data into Sheet
  • Reset Chart Properties
  • Explore Similar Charts using Same Data

Add to My Chart

    o  Chart will be displayed according to selected levels/dimensions and metric.
    o  Click on ‘Save Icon’ to add chart into ‘My Charts’ list.

Chart Name

    o  Enter the ‘Title’ of chart.
    o  Click on ‘Save’ button to save chart into ’My Chart’ list.

Saved Charts List

    o  Saved chart will be shown in ‘My Chart’ menu.
    o  ‘My Chart’ contains list of saved charts.

Add New Chart

    o  User can add new chart by clicking highlighted ‘+’ button.

Refresh Charts

    o  User can click this icon to refresh charts.

Charts Order

    o  User can sort saved chart list by clicking this icon.
    o  By default, charts are sorted in descending order. Latest chart is displayed on top.

Change Window Size

    o  User can change the chart width and height by moving slider or providing value in textboxes.

Insert Chart Image into Sheet

    o  User can insert chart image into sheet by clicking highlighted ‘Add to Sheet’ icon.
    o  Chart image will be inserted into active sheet cell.

Chart Custom Style

    o  User can apply properties to chart by clicking ‘Settings’ icon under ‘Chart Properties’ section.

Edit Chart

    o  User can edit chart properties by clicking ‘Edit Chart’ icon under 'Chart Properties’ section.

Edit Done

    o  User can click on highlighted ‘Pencil’ icon to edit chart properties and apply them by clicking highlighted ‘Apply’ button.

Display Chart Data

    o  User can also view chart data by clicking highlighted ‘Chart data’ icon.

Copy to Clipboard

    o  User can also copy data to clipboard by clicking highlighted icon.

Display Chart

    o  User can also go back to chart by clicking ‘View chart’ icon.

Insert Data into Sheet

    o  User can also insert copied data into sheet by clicking highlighted icon.

Reset Chart Properties

    o  User can reset the applied properties to their default state by clicking highlighted icon.

Explore Similar Charts using Same Data

    o  User can also draw different visualizations of same data by clicking the highlighted icon under ‘Explore More Charts’ section.

View Saved Charts

User can view saved charts by clicking highlighted top menu ‘My Chart’ .

  • User can View saved chart.
  • User can Edit saved chart.
  • User can Remove saved chart.
  • User can Insert Chart in Sheet.

Buy Now

    o  By default 7 days free trial will be started.
    o  You can click on ‘Buy Now’ button for subscription.
    o  You can subscribe for ‘1 month’ and ‘Auto Renewal’.
    o  If you subscribe for 1 month then after one month of subscription your subscription will be cancelled.
    o  You will have to subscribe again after cancellation of your subscription.
    o  You can also subscribe for Auto Renewal. By selecting this option you will be subscribed automatically by end of each month.
    o  You can unsubscribe any time if you have subscribed for Auto Renewal.

FAQs > ChartExpo for GoogleSheet
How Can I purchase ChartExpo™ for GoogleSheet?

You can purchase ChartExpo™ for GoogleSheet within add-on by clicking on ‘’Buy Now’’.

How to subscribe add-on?

User can subscribe add-on by clicking on ‘’Subscribe’’ button in subscription section.

Do you provide a demo / trial version of the product?

Yes, we offer trial version of ChartExpo for GoogleSheet with full functionality.

What is the duration of trial version?

We offer trial version of ChartExpo for GoogleSheet for 7 days.

What are the monthly subscription charges of ChartExpo?

The subscription charges are $10 /month. You can cancel subscription any time.

How many users are allowed in trial version of ChartExpo for GoogleSheet while domain installation?

Only 5 users allowed in trial version.

How can domain admin enable domain normal users to use ChartExpo for GoogleSheet?

Open add-on inside GoogleSheet, once add-on loaded, click on top left menu and select 'Trial Users' sub menu. In this screen, we have populated table listing all of your domain users. Please select any 4 users from list, admin user by default selected and then press on 'Save' button. Only those selected domain normal users can use ChartExpo add-on.

How can domain normal user use ChartExpo for GoogleSheet?

If domain admin added him in trial users list or valid users list(if purchased), then he can simply open add-on inside GoogleSheet and then utilize it.

What do you mean by error message 'Not a valid user'?

This message is diplayed to any domain normal user who is not selected by his 'domain admin' to use ChartExpo for GoogleSheet. In this case, user needs to contact with his domain administrator to add him in trial users list(in case of trial) or valid user list(in case of purchased) from add-on.

How to unsubscribe add-on?

User can unsubscribe add-on by clicking on "Unsubscribe" button in ‘’Subscription Tab’’.

Can we buy add-on for domain?

Yes you can buy add-on for domain as well.

How many packages you have for domain wise installation?

We have given many packages of it according to no. of users. For detail please click on "Pricing" link inside of ‘’Subscription Tab’’.

What do you mean by error message 'Logged in with multiple email accounts'?

If within same browser you are logged in with different accounts in different tabs, then this error message shown. Its solution is that first you will logout from all logged in accounts in same browser, then logged in again with same account from which you have installed ChartExpo add-on.

How do you provide support for your products?

We provide dedicated technical support helpline 24/7 via phone, email and facebook group.

What Options do I have for feeding data into ChartExpo for GoogleSheet?

can provide data to add-on from within sheets and you can also use sample data provided by chartExpo.

Did you not find an answer to your question?

Contact our sales team or support team or join our facebook group.