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ChartExpo™ for Salesforce

Draw charismatic visuals with powerful salesforce lightening component.

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Designed by using salesforce lightning framework, features exciting visual analysis in your salesforce lightning applications.

30 Days Full Feature No Restriction Trial

ChartExpo™ for Salesforce offers 30 days full features no restriction trail. User satisfaction is our top most priority.

Choose from Multiple Charts and Maps

ChartExpo™ for Salesforce has the most comprehensive collection of JavaScript charts, widgets & maps in the bucket from simple to very complex visuals.

Complete Visual Control

ChartExpo™ for Salesforce awards users with a rich API to control visual components through properties in APEX provider.

Ease of Use

ChartExpo™ for Salesforce component is so user friendly that a novice user can draw chart quickly. All you need to do is to provide data and properties and select visual from the list.

Drawing from User Data

The data source must return JSON data in order to render charts. You can set chart data and attributes from APEX code.

Smart and Wise as always

Smart labeling through anti cluttering to enhance visual clarity. Wise enough to handle large dataset through paging and ensuring visual aesthetics as well. Smart data contract and wise as being wisely adjusting content in given space.

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