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With 50+ customized visualizations, the ChartExpo™ for Excel   Turn data into visual stories, delight your customers with intuitive visualizations.

We’ve all heard that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ The same is true of data. Data-born insights are very valuable, but difficult to see using only raw spreadsheets.
ChartExpo™ for Excel add-in helps tell the story of data through 50+ different visualization options.

For simple spreadsheets, you can rely on traditional charts (Bar, Line, Pie). However, these graphs don’t work with complex data. These cases require the well-established ChartExpo™ library of customized charts, like Dual Axis, Radar, Day Parting, Stacked Grid, Sankey, Treemap and many more. ChartExpo™ library of customized charts, like Dual Axis, Radar, Day Parting, Stacked Grid, Sankey, Treemap and many more. ChartExpo™ is an enterprise ready, flexible, interactive, fast, scalable and modern charting library based on JavaScript.

This allows you to build a customized dashboard in Microsoft Excel 365 and desktop versions. You can further improve the chart’s look and feel with the set of properties. Rich documentation is provided.

ChartExpo™ for Excel  has a number of visualization categories that make it easier to find the right chart:


Getting Started

    o  Open the worksheet and click on ‘INSERT’ menu and you will see ‘My Apps’ option.
    o  Click on ‘My Apps’ and then click on ‘See All…’

    o   You will see following screen. Here you can see your add-in ‘ChartExpo™ for Excel’ or click on ‘Refresh’ button.
    o   Select this add-in and click on ‘Insert’ button.

    o  The add-in will be added in your excel environment and you will see following screen.
    o  You can login with Microsoft account or you can create your new account by clicking ‘Create New’ link button.
    o  You can login with newly created account and start using the add-in.
    o  You are only required to login for a first time. Next time add-in will not ask you to login again.

    o  Now you can start using ‘ChartExpo™ for Excel’ amazing visualizations against your data.

    o  Now click on ‘Start’ button. You will see list of different visualizations categorized in 5 different groups.
    o  You can expand any group by clicking on it and you will see list of available visualizations under selected group.

    o  You can also search the visualization by typing its name in search box. E.g. I have typed ‘Sankey’ and it is filtered from the list.
    o  Now click on ‘Sankey Sentiment Chart’

    o  After clicking ‘Sankey Sentiment Chart’ from the chart list, it will be drawn with sample data.

On top of chart we have shown toolbar to perform different tasks.


    o    By clicking ‘Charts’ icon you will see list of different visualizations and you can select any visualization from the list.
    o    After selecting the required chart it will be drawn with sample data.
    o    Here I have selected ‘Sankey Sentiment Chart’.


    o   By clicking ‘Properties’ icon you will see list of different properties that you can apply to drawn chart.

Insert Sample Data to Sheet

    o   By Clicking ‘Insert Sample Data to Sheet’ icon will insert sample data into sheet.
    o   You can change the sheet data and add new data into sheet and Sankey chart will be drawn according to changed/new data.

    o   You can also apply Microsoft Excel filters by clicking the header column from sheet data and select the required data.
    o   Your chart will be redrawn according to applied filters.

Draw Chart from Sheet Data

    o   By clicking ‘Draw Chart from Sheet Data’ icon will draw the chart according to visible data in the sheet.

Clear and Back

    o   Clear chart and return back to home screen.

Buy Now

    o   By default 7 days free trial will be started.
    o   You can click on ‘Buy Now’ button for subscription.
    o   You can subscribe for ‘1 month’ and ‘Auto Renewal’.
    o   If you subscribe for 1 month then after one month of subscription your subscription will be cancelled.
    o   You will have to subscribe again after cancellation of your subscription.
    o   You can also subscribe for Auto Renewal. By selecting this option you will be subscribed automatically by end of each month.
    o   You can unsubscribe any time if you have subscribed for Auto Renewal.