Data Looksee

Data Looksee is an easy-to-use, integrated analysis environment that combines structured and unstructured (textual) data to bring customer experience (CX) to the surface. It helps users find previously unknown insights in their text based data (such as social media engagement, call center data, chat, return feedback, survey responses and more) to reveal customer sentiment, consumer trends, hidden product concerns, or service issues.

BI Add-ins

See, interact and manipulate the data you most care about. Viz+ chart for SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) is an advanced reporting library that enable user to make effective and interactive visual representations of their data that instantly make sense.


PolyVista's data analysis application is now available as a hosted platform. Using our software as a solution (SaaS) application is the fastest and most cost-effective method to accessing advanced analytics. PolyVista is designed to facilitate ad-hoc analysis for a wide range of users, regardless of technical experience. Since there is no need for IT involvement, no hardware and no installation, we will have you up and running in record time.


inMemory+ is a database management system that primarily relies on main memory for computer data storage. It outclasses the conventional database with a simpler algorithm, reducing the amount of CPU instructions, ultimately increasing the speed. Accessing data in memory eliminates seek time when querying the data, which provides faster and more predictable performance than disk.